Here are some exciting projects that I am currently working on. Ping me in case you want to learn more or are interested in collaborating!

A summary of my research interests can be found here.

AI-Powered Cognitive Simulations to Accelerate Scientific Discovery (High-Energy physics, Material Science, Computational Biology, Epidemiology)

Uncertainty Quantification in Deep Neural Networks to Advance Black-Box Optimization and to Improve ML Safety

Knowledge-Integrated Learning to Build Data-Efficient and Well Grounded AI Solutions for Biology and Situational Awareness

Advanced Algorithms for Robust ML, Domain Generalization, Test-Time Adaptation, Few shot learning and Transfer Learning

Explainability Tools to Support Human-Centric Exploration of AI Models in Healthcare

Solving Inverse Optimization for Ill-posed Image Recovery, Audio Restoration and High-Dimensional Parameter Space Exploration

Diagnostic AI Tools for Traumatic Brain Injury, Cancer and Patient Health Monitoring (Human Connectomes, Multimodal Imaging Data, Electronic Health Records)

High-dimensional Sampling for Experiment Design (Additive Manufacturing) and Analyzing Generalization of ML Models